Coffee consumption around the world is being drunk to inject a quick shot of caffeine in the morning. Today, coffee is at its finest with coffee roasters having access to a wider variety and fresher harvested beans, cafe’s can sell really good coffee. 

Types of Coffee’s

Although, there are over 120 different varieties, coffee is most commonly derived from two species of trees, Arabica and Robusta. Both types are native to the regions of Ethiopia and Sudan and then exported to South America, Africa, India and South-East Asia. Once picked, processed and dried, the beans are roasted to various degrees dependent on flavour. 

The Origins of Coffee

Historically, coffee dates back to the 10th century, in Ethiopia or Sudan. The word coffee derives from the Dutch koffie which in turn dervies from qahwah which means power/energy. The practice of drinking coffee is heavily associated in the Islamic world, with many origins leading back to followers of Islam.