Two beautiful drinks, exceptionally made and crafted.

Rose Latte

What is it?: A double shot with rose water infused milk & petals

What does it taste like?

To look at, a beauty, served on a beautiful ceramic plate with crushed rose petals decorated to one side with the glass in the middle, also topped with crushed petals to one side on top of perfect latte art. The drink itself was essential a double shot, smooth flat white with a hint of rose water seeping throughout. Understandly, the rose water did not want to overpower the drink turning it into some unpleasant bathroom product, but considering the cost of the drink you would have expected slightly more rose.

Price: Rose Latte – £3.60

Butterfly Latte

What is it?:  Organic blue matcha powder with almond milk

What does it taste like?:

Blue matcha, noted for its health benefits, comes from a type of flower, it is subtle in taste but when added to products is enlightened aswell as providing a beautiful colouring.

 Price: Butterfly Matcha – £4.10

What else is on offer?: All the standard hot drinks are available with the non-standard including charcoal latte 

Where: Farm Girl, Portobello Road, London